Powerful Rechargeable Strobe Light


The optional accessory is a powerful strobe light providing upto 150 Lumen. It is activated by shaking and has internal sensors that know when you are using it. After 10mins of inactivity the light starts to go into sleep mode, reducing energy consumption, when you move again it springs back into action. There are no buttons or charging points and therefore it will remain 100% water proof. When it senses that you are not moving, it shuts down completely after 20mins. To recharge it, simply place the light on it’s included charging pad, look for the charging light to come on. You can also use it with other compatible charging pads in your car, office or home. Just check to see if the charging light activates when you place it on the pad.

You can also use your strobe light when running, cycling or adventure racing. Tie it to your dogs collar when walking at night. Use it for night swimming or when light conditions are fading or dull. It’s a small robust light thats ideal for all out door activities where a high degree of water resistance is required. 

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