Replacement CO2 Bottles and Rearming Green Clips (x2)


After you activate your Tekrapod while swimming, in order to reuse it, you MUST do the following: Deflate the Bladder by pressing the Oral top up tube with the back side of the cap. Press the Bladder to deflate. Once deflated, fold as per the instructions, remove the old C02 Cartridge, Close the activation lever and replace the green gromit. When the activation leaver  is back in the armed position and the Green Gromit in place, you can now safely replace the CO2 Canister with a new one. This rearming kit provides you with 2 replacement CO2 canisters and 2 green gromits as shown in the picture.


For information on how to rearm your bladder after activation, please see our demonstration video under Re-packing your Tekrapod and then Rearming your Bladder

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Weight 150 g