The sport of Triathlon has seen phenonomenal growth in recent years. It’s one of the few sports that allows you to continue to train year round. If you’re injured running you can still swim. If you hurt your shoulder, you can still run or cycle. Each of the component parts helps you recover and improve. There is probably no better therapy for both mind and body, than to go for a long swim in cold water. It beats putting your foot in a bucket of ice anytime and because it’s an all body immersion, its effects are even greater.

People come to triathlon from many sports and none. Not all triathletes are strong swimmers and swimming anxiety is something we come across a lot when starting off. Just remember your first Try a Tri.

Water safety is now a big concern in Triathlon at an individual and organisational level. It isn’t possible to allow 200 athletes to wear a tow buoy when swimming competitively, let alone the 2,500 that take to the water in an Ironman event. While there are undoubted benefits to using a tow buoy, trying to sight, draft or swim safely in a pack is simply not possible during race day. There is a real risk that you can become entangled with another swimmer’s lanyard, if this happens panic can set in very quickly to the detriment of both swimmers.

Lots of Triathletes are now training with tow buoys, with both clubs and coaches insisting that swimmers wear them. Can you blame them? Certainly not, no coach wants to have a drowning on their watch.

But that leaves the question, what do I do on race day when I can’t use a tow buoy? Lots of novice swimmers experience enough anxiety at the beginning of their race career, now they are faced with swimming for the very first time, in a competitive race with hundreds of other swimmers, crammed into a tight space and no back up plan.


  • Tekrapodoffers a solution to triathlete swimmers, giving peace of mind for open water swimming in training AND on race day.
  • It benefits the novice swimmer experiencing cold shock on their first ever swim, having a safety device ready to use will greatly help with anxiety.
  • When swimming with pals it can be shared if someone else runs into problems, gets a cramp or is finding conditions difficult.
  • Tekrapoddoesn’t interfere with your swim stroke in skins or in a wetsuit and is easily taken off in Transition on race day! It’s a great back up plan when things don’t go to plan.

Swim safely and always swim in a group!